Apr. 25th, 2006

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Just got back from a lovely evening with Marc, Mike Mes, and special guests Nick Mik and Justin. And some generously shared pizza rolls.

What is significant about this post is we watched Mirrormask.


Mirrormask. Is. The most. Gorgeous. Movie. I have. Ever. Seen.


I remember reading a little blurb about it in EW and seeing it got an A, and I wanted to see it, but then I forgot it existed. *WOW*. Produced by The Jim Henson Company, written by Neil Gaiman, directed and designed by Dave McKean...hi what is there NOT TO LOVE?!?! The whole movie is just a perpetual EYEGASM. The story is very simple and pretty much runs along the same trail as any fantasy-world movie where the little girl or little boy has to get from one end to the other to save this or that, but BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH THE VISUALS. Ohhhhhh the visuals. I wasn't familiar with McKean before this, and if you aren't either...basically his art is reminiscent of Dali mixed with Jan Svankmajer, Tim Burton, and Magritte. Thus, MULTIPLE EYEGASMS. And it's not just the CGI and stuff, even the CINEMATOGRAPHY...And the **MUSIC**...

There was one scene in particular that Marc and I kinda watched 6 times. So beautiful and so haunting.

That would have been my favorite movie ever if I saw it when I was little, although I don't even really think it's meant for little kids (although Gaiman and McKean have collaborated on children's books together...one of which Justin read to us after the movie, yay!!!). It's just soooooooOOOOOOOOoooo...yeah words are failing me right now, so what else is new. If you like Labyrinth or The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland or The Neverending Story or anything like those...or even if you just like to look at stuff that makes you feel like you're tripping BALLS...see it, fools.

Quotant Quotables:

"You know what they say...if the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over."
-The Wolves in the Walls, which is the book Justin read to us. Apparently he had to read it- by request- to his mom's 4th grade class something like FOUR TIMES. :-)

Me: If you had a pet sphinx, what would you name it?
Marc: If I had a pet sphinx, I would name it fluffy.
Me: If I had a pet sphinx, I would name it Venetian Blinds. That's a common name for pet sphinxes...sphinxes? Is that the plural? Sphinxen? Sphinxi?
Marc and Me: ...SPHINCTERS?!
Marc: Well I would name mine Fluffy, and I'd sic him on the jerk who names his sphinx Riddles.
Me: That's MISTER Riddles.


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