Jan. 1st, 2007


Jan. 1st, 2007 11:28 pm
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2006, you've brought me such thrill,
With Vegas, my new job, and my darling Will,
I know this year will be a piece of Heaven,
if life's just as good in 2007!

So let's see if I get back into this LJ thang, shall we? I do miss keeping a record. I don't exactly know why I stopped. Oh, probably because after staring at my work computer for 8 hours straight, I preeeetty much lose all interest in staring at another computer screen. Ah well. I *did* get this REALLY EFFING SWEET LAPTOP for Christmas (which I SO do not deserve since I'm not in college anymore plus I was told this Christmas would be "a bit less gift-heavy" since I'm making my own way now, which I totally understand and agree with...but geeeez louise, a LAPTOP?! With a cd and dvd burner and 160 gigs and the biggest widescreen monitor I've ever seeeeen? Oh man. I am too, too blessed. Love you, mom and dad!!!) Anyway, this might inspire me to write more again.

I also got booze and clothes. :-)

Time for bed. 2007 is the Chinese Year of the Boar, by the way...so it's my year. Should be a good one!

So if January marks the start,
and February plays its part,
We'll only have to wait until March
to know it's gonna be a good year...

-Treaty of Paris


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