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Almost didn't go out tonight due to persistant sore throat/last night's totally random vomitfest/general sickness. Thought maybe I should just stay home and relax for the night so as not to aggravate condition prior to the eve of my graduation party.

So totally, unbelievably glad I didn't.

~Drove with Isabelle and Kristyn to Club Neo, and scored THE MOST AMAZING PARKING SPOT ***EVER*** (literally one storefront away from the club, right on the main street, and parallel parking was totally easy)

~Listened to my amazing collection of dance music all the way there (Shout outs to Jeff!)

~Met up with Teresa, Drewgirl, and Caitlin

~Danced in dark, underground-y punk 80's establishment to TOTALLY WEIRD music, the highlight of which was a song called "Free Nelson Mandela." Also, had total Dane Cook moment with six girls dancing around purses in the middle of the floor. Isabelle also discovered apartheid between Caitlin and I, so we bridged the color gap, despite both being white.

~Invented "The Public Bathroom Dance" with Teresa and the desire to re-incarcerate Nelson Mandela so that we might bring back "Free Nelson Mandela" as a hit song again.

~Made amazingly complex hypothetical double/triple/quadruple date between me, Drew, Teresa, and Kristyn, wherein "Karasch will build a stage, Jaime will make us all horchata, and the Jewish boys will sing"

~Hypothetical double date manifested itself into a soon-to-be-very-real date with the cunning use of text messaging Okay, I pause from my Bridget Jones-style entry to elaborate. Drew and Elia sort of hit it off a few weeks ago, then she just basically stopped answering his text messages. Why? I don't know, it's Drew. Then tonight I was saying it would be cool if Will and I doubled with her and Elia. She excitedly said, "Okay, I'm gonna text message him!!!" The guys were at Lamplighters, so we simultaneously messaged them. The message she sent said, "We're going on a date!" His reply was, "Sure"...followed by, "...Who is this?" Apparently he deleted her off his phone a while ago, whoops. But then we sent several other texts detailing (not asking, simply asserting) that they would be taking us to Bahama Breeze for "dinner and expensive drinks". Drew and I were just absolutely ridiculous at this point, and the guys most likely think we're insane (wouldn't you if someone seemed to shut you down only to insist a few weeks later that she's going on a date with you?), but we seriously think it's an *amazing* idea. Excellent excellent, I can't believe I'm going on a double date with Drew Alm, how awesomely hilarious is that night gonna be?! Yeah, so basically there was an unreal 15-minute period of us sitting in this crazy 80's goth club texting two guys who were together in a karaoke bar at the same time...I dunno, the craziness of technology and the littleness of the world all hit me at once.

~Getting ever-so-slightly lost in Chicago, kicking Drew and Teresa out at The Wiener's Circle for talking too loudly

~Finding our way to Oak Park for this alleged burrito joint, only to find said burrito joint had closed, so instead we ate at...

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~Colin joined us, and we all invented new Avocado-awareness slogan, "Hav-a-cado!"

~Got back home at 5 AM.

~Very likely that this will be last time I get to see this exact group of girls together...maybe forever, who knows. People are leaving very soon, and this was definitely a night to remember.


Date: 2006-06-17 10:46 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Funniest series of text messages ever, lol.

Date: 2006-06-17 10:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, that last post was from me...I am such a creep!!


Date: 2006-06-22 04:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I believe "Hav-a-cado" was actually created by me, circa February 2006. I say this not because I am aggravated, (Ha-ggravated?) but because I seriously feel that this scheme will create tons and tons of money and I need to state in a public record that I had something to do with it sooner rather than later so that it doesn't become a show like "Windfall" with lawsuits and people being all like "ahhh!" Not that I think you would do that to me, but hey, if Luke Perry can do it...;)

*snorts at the intense amount of self-aggrandizement that went into this entry.*


DUDE!!! Am making CD but can't send it until I get THE POLISH VERSION OF "LISTEN TO YOUR HEART" (***WHICH IS AMAZINGLY DONE***) on there. WTF?!


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