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Remember when I was all "I'm gonna get back into updating my journal!" and then I didn't touch it again for a month? Ho ho ho, oh Donnelle, you are quite the kidder!

Here's what's up.

~Our very own Chicago RSO won Office of the Year for 2006! YAY US! And it was Chicago's FIRST-ever win out of the 20 or so offices around the country, so I like to think my climbing aboard had a little something to do with that. ::Buffs nails on shirt and blows on them::

What the hell is that gesture? I know it's supposed to exhibit pride, a certain sense of, "Yeeeahhh that was all me". How?! And who invented it?? AND WHO WEARS A SHIRT THAT'S ABRASIVE ENOUGH TO BUFF HUMAN FINGERNAILS?!?!

~Hey! Did you guys hear the Chicago Bears are going to the Superbowl??!?! It's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though I am so excited I pee a bit everytime I think about it. And I didn't just jump on at the end during the playoffs like I normally would. Nope. This time...I actually watched ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GAME! YES! AT LEAST 12 OR 13 OF THEM! I got into football. And I never thought I'd say that. Thanks, Willio, for making me surprise myself :-). And it could not be a more exciting time to be a Chicagoan.

~The Sarah Silverman Program is hysterical. Holy crap.

Hey there, February.
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