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Today was a weird one. Two articles of news:

1.) I had a marathon text session with a Q101 DJ (Electra, to you Chicagoans!) today that spanned several hours. According to several friends who read the transcript, the content was somewhat flirtatious in nature, and while I do not believe it was my initial intention to flirt with Electra, it made me think about the way we interact with people whose attention we it always a form of flirting? No matter the sexual preference? Admittedly I was totally turning on the charm (it's easy to cater to someone whose personality and likes/dislikes are broadcast daily...particularly because we share so many), but was it flirting, per se? I just think we'd be awesome friends if we ever met in real life is all. Or maybe I just have been feeling REALLY lonely and since I listen to her voice for 5 hours every day, I have come to see her as one of my best friends, though not she knows it. Is that sad?

2.) I found out Maddie is moving to LA in 6 months. Which kind of destroys the peace I have made with living my life in Chicago and is forcing me to re-evaluate once again what I want to do with myself. There is a bandwagon to jump on, and it's coming for me if I let it...

Date: 2007-08-08 11:28 pm (UTC)
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Hee hee...yes, it is flirting. Observe the most skilled waitresses. They can flirt shamelessly with anyone without getting called on it and get cold hard cash in return. :-D

Date: 2008-05-15 11:33 am (UTC)

Date: 2008-05-15 12:07 pm (UTC)
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I'm sorry, who is this?


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