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Went to the freshman one acts tonight (ended up going to them last night, too, if for no other reason than I was locked out of my apartment). Jeff's production of "The Cat in the Hat" was meowvelous. I've never seen him more nervous over anything in my life. My sister was SO GOOD!!! I was INTENSELY proud of her, it was definitely the best thing she's ever done on stage. For the record, she played a business woman mom with a huge ass and saggy boobs who swore a lot and continually shoved potato chips down her gullet while repeatedly getting the names of her kids wrong. Hilarious!! She was the funniest part of the show, in my opinion. Looks like she's going to grow up to be a great character actress, like her big sis ;-)

Also, Lisa's show (Keep Tightly Closed in a Cool, Dry Place) boasted some excellent movement work and a very complex script. I really, really enjoyed it. And though I may not have always understood what was going on, and I definitely felt weird sitting next to my little sister and mom while Matt Gorkis had an orgasm onstage...damn. That show was a Parade of Male Hotness. Way to cast, Lisa. Rawr.

After the shows, Dan, Maddie, Ashley, Laura, Kellie, and Erin (and eventually Jeff) went to Buffalo Wild Wings for 35-cent Wing Night. I thought I didn't like chicken wings, and I was pleasantly surprised. I would go back for sure.

I think the best part of the night, though, was realizing that I personally know the Cat in the Hat. It's Jeff. And not just because the Cat in his show was wearing Jeff's clothing. Dan and I are Sally and Tommy. We'll be sitting in front of the tv in our apartment, bored and not knowing what to do, and then suddenly Jeff will pop through the door like "What's up? What are we doing? Guys, GET UP! WE GOTTA HAVE SOME FUN, YO!" Then he proceeds to poke holes in things, rip them apart, set fire to them, alter settings on our computers, and rummage through our drawers in our rooms. He can never sit down, he's always moving and coming up with some crazy activity for us to do (ie. drive-by Mini Wheatings or chucking ice at the walls). Dan and I have actually had to say to each other "babysit Jeff" when one of us is out of the room. And, of course, he's naturally mischievous. He's like a manic 5-year-old. But I love it! He's totally the Cat!!!
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Well. Now we certainly see WHO loves WHO MORE!!! ::Runs off crying into a wall::
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Maddie and I just drank mini blueberry pie martinis (complete with graham cracker crust rimmer!) at 11 AM on a Tuesday morning.

I'm gonna miss college so much, you guys.
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The new P!Nk (or Pink to you laymen) CD, I'm Not Dead, is ***A-MAZING***. WOAH. I've been listening to it for like 3 hours now and I'm still not sick of it. Out of 16 tracks, there are only two that'd I'd consider "just okay", but everything else is like SHUT UP THAT'S AMAZING. Like...dare I say this...maybe even better than
M!ssundaztood? GO BUY IT.

And if you haven't seen her video for "Stupid Girls" a fool. It's hilarious.

...And to those of you questioning my musical tastes, yes, I LOVE P!Nk, I have for years, you wanna fight about it?
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-Sort of co-opted from the end of Zlata's final monologue

So the show's over, people. Bosnia is over, Bosnia is a dream. Nothing more to see here.

It was so amazing, I really couldn't imagine a better ending to my time on the ISU stage. How wonderful to make people laugh and cry in one show. I loved how SHORT the play never really had the time to get tired; our call time was actually longer than the performance itself, haha! And wow, I've never had so much fun in a dressing room before. Seven girls singing, laughing, telling TERRIBLE jokes, and BOOTY DANCING (especially in my Azra costume...the complete antithesis of sexy)...way too much fun, mate. Times like these will be sorely, sorely missed. It occurred to me that I will most likely never be in another show with all people my same age- what a wonderful bonding experience it is! The last show was so, so very sad. The first half of the final performance had a very weird vibe to it; I felt like it wasn't me delivering my lines. Then in the second half...things just PICKED UP and we did the best we've ever done. Kathleen said it was a completely different show. Everything was just so saturated with emotion as we realized it was the last time we'd ever become those women. I actually had to gulp down tears during my scene in the hole. Even typing about it right now makes my throat constrict a little.

Best Moment Ever: 15 seconds before Katy Morehouse and I were to go onstage for the final moments of the show, three of the LOUDEST THINGS EVER happened in perfect, seperate rhythm from each other. First, a little devil child downstairs in the costume shop started yelling, "HEY MOM YAYAYAYAYABABAHEYAHHAYAYA!!!!!!" We (accidently) shooed a crew person downstairs to shut the kid up, and a split second later some woman comes CLOMPING PACHYDERM-LIKE down the hall in high heels. GAH! So we were staring at each other with our mouths open just shaking our heads, AND THEN A TRAIN BLARES THROUGH!!!!!! I will never forget standing with our hands on our cheeks silently screaming in unison with Katy just seconds before I had to morph back into old, slow-moving Azra and hobble onstage. I thought that bit of comedy would kill my impulse to cry once I stepped down for the curtain call...but nay. There was lip biting, there were tears in my eyes. And when we all ran off to go downstairs and change, the rest of the girls were crying, too. Well what do you expect from an all-female cast? Plus it was mine and Lisa's last ISU shows *ever*... ::single tear:: ::two tears::

Other than that, we are at the Final Countdown 'Til I'm Forced Into Adulthood. I don't wanna go, kids. But if I stayed, all my best friends would be gone anyway, so it wouldn't be the same. We're all being birthed out together.

Something I don't like: I can really feel people beginning to pull away. I'm pretty positive that this has to do with the fact that we're gonna be ripped from each other in a month, and everyone is starting to build up their defenses now. I don't see Jeff as much anymore, and even Dan, my right-hand man since Day One, has been scarce despite the fact that I LIVE with the guy. I don't even know where Rj is 90% of the time. Katie is MIA most days. My only constant has been Maddie, and that's because we're not afraid of losing each other since we'll be like a 25 minute drive apart even after college ends. Even my love life has been a series of hello's and goodbye's. I meet a guy, things are kinda cozy for a few weeks, then things drop off and I find another one. Not that I wanted a boyfriend this semester (I just don't see the point so close to leaving), and it's not necessarily bad, it's just different than any way I've ever governed that part of my life before.

Haha enough of being depressing! This truly has been an *AMAZING* semester, the roller coaster I was hopefully anticipating all year. First of all, do you guys know how awesome Lost is? I bet most of you do. Well everyone in my apartment finally started watching it the night we got back from Vegas, and we ended up blowing through the first season and half of the second season in 2 weeks. Not shabby, and just a little pathetic of us. We also like to think our living room is now Lost-themed instead of just Hawaiian :-)

I got a haircut the other day. Dan says I look Icelandic now. I kinda like it, but I have GOT to remember to stop having them razor it all off in the back, no wonder I'm always having volume problems. Damn I'm stupid when it comes to haircuts.

Maddie got me Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical on DVD as one of my birthday presents. I think that it's officially in my Top 20 Most Watchable Movies list. I don't get sick of it.

I don't even know what homework IS anymore.

Doesn't matter.

I'm making it all count.

Now excuse me, it's Spring and I have to change my avatar's clothes.
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opens Thursday: 7:30pm Westhoff Theatre
also runs Friday 7:30, Saturday 2:00 and 7:30, and Sunday at 2:00
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Birthday the twenty-third is starting off pretty awesomely. Earlier in the week, my parents sent down their presents to me, which included an iHome, which is *COMPLETELY AWESOME* and I love it to death (despite setting it wrong and waking up an hour later than intended yesterday, whoops). I love coming up with good songs to wake up to. My faves so far are Blind Melon's "No Rain" and The Boy Least Likely To's "I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes." It's good to start off the day with some soothing guitar and a perky chorus. Plus it gradually increases the volume of the song so you don't wake up all startled a la clock radio.

Last night I went out to Maggie's with Jeff, Dan, Maddie, Beth, and Dan H. We had a wonderful time reminiscing about freshman year. Oh god oh god we are excruciatingly close to graduating :-(. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if I could go back and re-live one time in my life, it would be my first semester at ISU. EVERYTHING was magical.

Usually on my birthday, I feel like, "Oh my god, how am I 21 already? Or how am I 22 already?!" But for some reason, I feel like I accepted 23 about a month ago. I think this is because I've been around slightly older people this semester at points, so 23 doesn't feel as old as it used to. It's good, it feels good to say, I'm in favor of it generally.

The only thing is I can't think of anything "fun" about 23. 21 is fun for obvious reasons, plus there's that Cranberries song, "Twenty-One". 22 was my Golden Birthday, and there's that line in Avenue Q ("You-ou are twenty-two, and you live on Avenue Q!"). And there's that A.E. Housman poem that ties both ages together...

Sadly, all I can think of for this birthday is part of Blink 182's "What's My Age Again?":

"Nobody likes you when you're twenty-three!"

Ah well. :-)

Maggie's again tonight at 11. Be there or be square.
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In half an hour, I'm outta here!!!

Less than two hours of sleep has such a crazy affect on me. It's like most of my senses looked around and said, "Yeah. Right." when my alarm went off and went back to sleep. Skin feels so WEIRD right now!!! And the feeling of water on hair...that was trippy.

Everyone and their mother said to place a bet for them or take a shot for them, so the next time I'll see y'all, I'll be drunk and broke! So you're taking me to dinner, k? God I'm LOOPY right now! I'm totally gonna hit the wall on the plane and conk out.

My excitement is truly beyond borders.

If something goes horribly awry and I never see you guys again, THANK YOU ALL for being so awesome! I love EVERYONE! I hope everyone else has an amazing Spring Break!!!

Also, again, thanks Rj for watching my baby Wembs. :-)
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So last night we had our first stumble-through of Necessary Targets. I was not aware, however, that we were going to have five shadowers AND the 4 or 5 design people watching it. Oh man. I was actually nervous.

But it could not have gone better. Even in its very roughest form, this is turning out to be a really beautiful show. Also, it's only like an hour and 20 minutes long at most, which is RIDICULOUS. My dad will love that.

I felt really good about my work yesterday. I'm really starting to get a handle on Azra, and I know tonight's movement rehearsal will really cement that for me (as they always tend to do). I even got a HUGE laugh last night; it just seemed like it went on and on. It made me feel so good that I almost started smiling and breaking character. Unfortunately it was on a line that I kinda added, so it'll probably be cut from the final show. *Sigh*.

And the other girls in the cast...hooooo boy. I had never before seen the dramatic bits that Lisa and Rachel do. So I had to see them during the stumble-through with everyone else...and WOAH. WOAH. I CRIED. Getting me to cry during movies or plays is tough business, ESPECIALLY when I'm onstage and trying not to break, so that's just how good they are, folks. I defy you not to at least tear up when you see the show. Bring Kleenex.

After the run, one of the shadowers asked Kathleen if she could say something to the cast. "You guys were amazing, four of you made me cry! It was SO much better seeing it live than reading it, I cannot WAIT to see the show now!"

Wow, we could not have received a better compliment. I love hearing good feedback from other theatre folks, but when we actually manage to touch one of the non-theatre kids...that's a special kind of victory.


Quotant Quotables:

"Oh fuck a bitch! Let's do that!"
-One of Kathleen's many directing expletives

"Hi Mommy, it's morning! And my baby's dead!"

Donnelle: Shana! Do you know about the salad party?
Shana (smiles knowingly): Oh yes, this is a joke.
Donnelle: Wha? No, it's not, there really is going to be a salad party.
Shana: Oh! I thought I was supposed to say something like, "I don't know, it's a toss-up whether I'm going or not."

Ba-dump CHING!
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Wellllll it's that time again. The people I would have liked to spend the holiday with the most are either sick or far away, so I'm left to my own devices for now. However, I do get the night off of rehearsal since Kathleen is sick (seriously, EEEEVERYONE is getting sick in the theatre dept., it's a dangerous place to be. I just got over a terrible cold myself), so I get some quality time to study for the theatre history test tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for. Joys!

I'm digging this trend of people bestowing "gifts" upon the readers of their blogs- within their blogs- to celebrate the day. It's CUTE, dammit. So what can I offer you, my fine funky friends?

How about a site to waste time at? Here is the place (courtesy of Rj) that has been distracting me all week from being "productive". Good golly, it's funny. I think my faves are the lists- you MUST, at the very least, check these out.

So here are some Valentines for you all, stolen with glee from McSweeny's. Enjoy! And with that, I'm off to watch Boogie Nights. I've been craving some P.T. Anderson FIERCELY for weeks, and I think Punch Drunk Love might just be a little too appropriate for the day...well actually now that I think about it, that is kinda sounding good too...shoot. Well it's gonna be something by P.T. Anderson, anyway, and my di-annual (is that a word? Does it mean every two years? Or did I totally make that up?) viewing of Magnolia has to wait until Dan is available...heh, anyway! Chili pie and movies, starting...nowski.


- - - -

Sweetheart, I've got you under my skin. I'll wash and wash, but you'll never come out.

- - - -

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and I think I left the iron on.

- - - -

I'm crazy for you! Get it?

- - - -

BE MINE. Wait. That has six letters. Six letters is so unlucky. It's like YOU DIE. That's exactly what it's like. Now you're going to die and it's all my fault.

- - - -

Honey, I'm hot for you! It's like a fever. Do you think it's viral meningitis? I bet it is. I touched the light switch and who knows what germs were on there. Then I thought about you, and infected you—it's a viral brain infection, so of course it's transmitted through brain waves, that makes perfect sense. We should probably just drive to the hospital right now.

- - - -

You're all I think about. Literally!

- - - -

You and me, sitting in a tree—oh, wait, that doesn't sound very safe, does it? Let's say we're sitting on a couch instead. Huh. I wonder who sat on this couch before us. Maybe we should put some plastic wrap down. Yeah, I think we'd better. Is this a new box of plastic wrap, or has it been opened for a while? Are you sure? OK. OK. Let's just say it's new and move on. So we're sitting on a couch, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Except that I kind of feel this tingle on my lip? Like I might be getting a cold sore? Maybe we should just forget the whole thing.

- - - -

It's hard to tell, what with all the SSRIs in my bloodstream, but I think I feel something for you.

- - - -

I'd touch you without gloves. If I could, I mean.

- - - -

I love you. Wait. That didn't feel right. Let me try it again. I love you. Don't think about disease. Don't think about disease. Don't think about disease. I love you. There.
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Just saw it with Owen (yay Owen!) at the Normal Theater (yay Normal Theater!).

Woah. It was gritt-tay and sublime. I love it when movies have quick, satisfying scenes like that. If you can create a satisfying story with intellectual and emotional heft AND not draaaaaaaaaag us through long, introspective pauses...then kudos, my friend. Kudos of the highest caliber. The older I get, the more ADD I acquire. I've always loved short stories and short films, but now I realize that I love short SCENES as well. Of course there are many, many fantastic, lengthy scenes in films, but I think it's even harder to create such affecting fare in a shorter amount of time (the total run-time was 88 minutes). And Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates had a kid and it turned into a cute kid and he's in that movie, and he does something that I thought I would only see in a Todd Solondz film. Fecked up.

But I ever love movies.

And this makes sense.

After you die...
Guardian Angel

After death, you will exist as a guardian angel in order to protect your still-living loved ones. You might even inspire a classic Christmas movie.

Take this quiz at

Although first I would like to visit the Beetlejuice waiting room just to see what's up.
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Okay!!! So if animals dying is something you really, really don't want to read about, don't click this. )
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Ten Top Trivia Tips about Donnelle!

  1. Originally, Donnelle could not fly.
  2. Donnelle is 1500 years older than the pyramids.
  3. It took Donnelle 22 years to build the Taj Mahal.
  4. The first American zoo was built in 1794, and contained only Donnelle.
  5. There are more than two hundred different kinds of Donnelle.
  6. Only one child in twenty will be born on the day predicted by Donnelle!
  7. Never store Donnelle at room temperature!
  8. The Church of Scientology was founded in 1953, at Washington D.C., by Donnelle.
  9. Donnelle will often glow under UV light.
  10. Edinburgh imports three thousand kilograms of Donnelle every year.
I am interested in - do tell me about
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In an hour, I start my very last semester of college, which will probably be the last semester of school I ever take for the rest of my life. I adore learning, but double majoring...and being a transfer student...somehow I suspect we have to work harder than the average 4-year university student...have taken their toll on me and I need school to end. Just thinking about going to grad school gives me a crazy headache, and I'm not even sure how much sense it would make for me to go to one. I don't plan on teaching either subject, so would it really just end up being a wasted effort? Haha okay in my life school has rarely felt like a wasted effort, but I'm seriously going to shut off my brain for a while after May hits and think about the growing-up thing. Besides, the best actors are the ones who are able to shut off their brains.

Well. All signs already point to this being one frickin' wild roller coaster of a final semester. Rock rock on.
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So what becomes of you, my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the glad rags that your Grandad had to sweat so you could buy?

Now that I have watched the complete British series of The Office and every available episode of the American version, I am fully entitled to weigh in on both of them. A hefty annoyance of mine for the past year have been fans of the British series squawking "The American one is TERRIBLE compared to the British one! I hate it, I refuse to watch it"...and most of the time, these people have not even watched one episode of the NBC series! In any part of life, I cannot cannot CANNOT STAND people who dismiss something without trying it first. You are NOT allowed to have an opinion on something until you experience it! How could you otherwise?! You are uninformed, sir, and your credibility on the subject drops to zilch and I just lose a lot of respect for you in general so you really need to shut the fuck up.

Anyway, I have been a big fan of the American series since it premiered last winter, and I'd been wanting to watch all of the British series so I could see what all the squawking was about (and if I would like it just as much). Before I go on, some of you may be thinking, "Well she was a fan of the the American one first, so her opinion is already biased because to *truly* understand that the British one is better, she would have had to watch that series first." To you I say...shut up. Here is my breakdown:

Both series as a whole: The British series ran for 12 30-minute episodes and a 90 minute special, and the American series has 16 21-minute episodes, so there is roughly the same amount of footage available for both series. Enough to give you the same amount of time with the characters and structure of the show, anyway, so I feel very familiar with both despite the fact that the American version has not had its big finale like the British one has (and I hope it doesn't for a long time!) That being said, I love both series as a whole equally. They are both EXTREMELY funny and have the perfect emotional tug to them. Major kudos goes to writing that can make me honestly laugh and cry at the same time (one of the only other shows that does this to me is Futurama, which I hold in the highest regard). Winner: Tie

Tim vs. Jim: Wow. Before seeing the British series, I'd had no idea John Krasinski looks a damn, damn lot like Martin Freeman. They both do a great job at bringing this character to life: Jim and Tim and both cute, mischievous, endearing guys. They're both so goshdarn loveable that you can't help but have a massive crush on them everytime they're onscreen. And they're both easy on the eyes, so to speak, perhaps John ever so slightly more than Martin. BUT! Now that I've watched the British series, I see how John TOTALLY co-opted Martin's "lift head, open eyes, purse mouth, and blink" move. As enjoyable as I find that bit in either series, it was copied from the original, so I have to dole out my points thusly. Winner: Tim

Dawn vs. Pam: Both women are cute, shy, and have a sense a fun that is brought out by the presence of Tim or Jim. Again, I do not dislike either woman, and both actresses are very appropriate for their roles. But I feel like Dawn holds back on the "fun" a little bit more than Pam does. In latter episodes, we see Pam seek out her own enjoyment even when Jim is not around being her cohort (such as in the episode where Pam tries to uncover whether or not Dwight and Angela are romantically involved). It's as if Dawn NEEDS Tim to initiate every adventure. I know this is kind of necessary for this character (her fiance does not bring out this fun side, which is why she is attracted to Tim/Jim), but I prefer to think that this is a woman who has this fun naturally inside her, and even being in the same environment as Tim/Jim should allow her to get up and away from her desk and spread her little butterfly wings. In my opinion, I just enjoy Pam more as a character for this reason. Winner: Pam

Gareth vs. Dwight: Both definitely radiate a nerdiness and a creepiness that add much, much hilarity to each show, but in different ways. Physically, yes, you would not want to touch either with a 10-foot pole. Both Mackenzie and Rainn are comically gifted at delivering inappropriately blunt lines. Gareth's main creepiness comes from his whacked-out views on sexuality and his advances on women. He also has the army obsession working for him. Dwight's creepiness comes from that crazy serial killer know-it-all stare he gets on his face. You could see that Gareth liked being in control of others in the BBC series, but Dwight craaaaaaves it. He is completely obsessed with being better and more powerful than anyone. I was never afraid that Gareth would try to take over the world in the BBC series, and that's something that I love (and fear) about Dwight. Winner: Dwight

Keith vs. Kevin: This is a minor character in both series, but one that delivers at least one laugh per episode. I don't know how to really judge this one. I like Kevin because we get to see him more often, but I like Keith because he delivers all of his lines while looking dead straight ahead of him, and that's just funny. Both give the same comically slow, honest-to-a-fault delivery. Winner: Tie

Finchy vs. Packer: Ugh, pigs both of ‘em. But we get to see Finchy more often, so I guess Finchy wins since I get to see him strut is repulsive stuff more than Packer. I don’t know if this is fair criteria to judge by, but regardless: Winner: Finchy

David vs. Michael: Last but certainly not least, the big guns, the Bosses from Hell. What can I say? Ricky Gervais = Comic Genius. Steve Carell = Comic Genius. You love to hate them both. I know Ricky invented the character, but Steve Carell does not give the same performance. I can't even put my finger on it, they are equal but different as the boss who fancies himself a world-class entertainer. I think the key is that David is smilier and Michael is louder, but maybe that's just in my head. It seems to boil down to David actively seeking out the worship of others, whereas Michael seems to think he already has it. Sort of. I don’t know, it’s just DIFFERENT but EQUAL. And both have demonstrated that they can turn on a dime and rip our hearts out. The final episode in the BBC version where David begs for his job back? Wow. The scene in the Performance Review episode in the NBC version where Michael chooses to remain confidential about his night with Jan? Wow. To make us think we despise you all season long and then make us pity you in the same breathe equals TALENT, people. All I can say is I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an episode where David Brent visits Dunder Mifflin and meets Michael Scott. Would they be best friends? Would they view each other as competition? And how would they judge the other's brand of comedy? Please make it happen, NBC!!! Winner: Tie

And if you haven't watched the British series yet but plan to and don't want me to ruin the end for you, do not click here. )

So that's that. Good tv is good tv, any way you slice it. I understand the British fans are just defensive that NBC is going to ruin the original show they fell in love with, but believe me, they are not. If anything, you should tune in just because the episodes ARE different! It's like an extension of the old series! That's how I see it, anyway. The only episode that was *really* copied from the original is the first one, and then a few bits here and there are duplicated, but other than that the plots and jokes each week are fresh and funny. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about either series!
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Well, 2005 is just about over. Overall, I give the year an 8 out of 10, maybe even a 9 (but more likely an 8), cuz overall it was a totally awesome year in my life. I excelled in the areas I wanted to excel in (basically theatre and grades) and I had awesome friends around me to boot. And nothing *really* bad happened to me. And I got a video iPod, which is seriously the sexiest piece of technology on the market. Good times, great oldies.

A few things that happened in the past few weeks that I haven't updated about:

1.) Bottle Exchange Party at The Flowers'. This was really fun and made me feel like an adult. And hanging out with the grad students always makes me feel like somebody :-) LOL okay that sounds a little pathetic, but do you know what I mean? I even took home a bottle of tres chic Van Gogh Vodka. (Dan, if you're reading this, you *KNOW* you guys would have finished it off tonight, so I don't feel bad for bringing it home. ;-) ).

After the party, Maddie and I went to Lunker's for karaoke. For the first time in my life, I got up and sang! Not only that, it was SOLO (although Laura did sing back up a little), and it was "(Doo Wop)That Thing" by Lauryn Hill. Yes, kids, I rapped. Was I drunk? Yes. But did I still know all the words? Yes. Did I totally have a fan base of girls (mostly ones I didn't even know) around me screaming? Yes. And did one of the guys running the karaoke say I was the best of the night? Yes. It was seriously, seriously *awesome*.

2.) CHRISTMAS! Here is most of what I acquired:

1.) Hello, the iPod. I cannot accurately express my love for it in any human language.
2.) Flat screen monitor!!!!
3.) New printer that will print PICTURES as well as copy, scan, and print documents
4.) Sin City Special Edition
5.) 7 new sweaters/shirts
6.) iTunes prepaid card
7.) Arrested Development Seasons 1 AND 2!

And other lovely things as well :-)

And then yesterday I got two belated presents: Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection and Hedwig and the Angry Inch! WOOT!!! Hmm, I think I will update more about Christmas itself later, cuz it was a fun day.

Well I've got a party in Chicago to get ready for, so I'm gonna sign off. 2005, you were good to me, and I can only hope that 2006 brings at least half of your awesomeness. Especially after I graduate, cuz ehhhhh...not so sure I'm looking forward to that very much at all.

My New Year's Resolutions: 1.) Just LET GO of the things I cannot change. I play too hard sometimes, let's let them come to ME for a change. 2.) Seriously WORK IT once graduation commences. I need a job and I need money. 3.) DO NOT forget about acting. I have got to motivate myself to go on auditions, which is gonna be hard. I need to put up some inspirational posters about acting around my desk at home. And 4.) Have fun. Just cuz I'll be an adult soon doesn't mean I have to grow up ;-)

Heh, no use worrying now. IT'S TIME TO PAR-TAY IN THE CIT-AY!!!!!

Love you all and be careful tonight!!! AND HAVE A BALL, BABIES.
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Your 2005 Song Is

Hung Up by Madonna

"Every little thing that you say or do
I'm hung up
I'm hung up on you"

You'll be rockin' in the New Year in your croch-o-tard!


Dec. 29th, 2005 01:46 am
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Dang, I haven't updated this thing in a LONG TIME, and I have done so much and gotten so many sexy Christmas presents (including a Video iPod, which seriously eats up my time like nothing else- it has to be constantly fed). Hopefully a post will manifest itself before 2006.
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