Feb. 14th, 2006

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Wellllll it's that time again. The people I would have liked to spend the holiday with the most are either sick or far away, so I'm left to my own devices for now. However, I do get the night off of rehearsal since Kathleen is sick (seriously, EEEEVERYONE is getting sick in the theatre dept., it's a dangerous place to be. I just got over a terrible cold myself), so I get some quality time to study for the theatre history test tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for. Joys!

I'm digging this trend of people bestowing "gifts" upon the readers of their blogs- within their blogs- to celebrate the day. It's CUTE, dammit. So what can I offer you, my fine funky friends?

How about a site to waste time at? Here is the place (courtesy of Rj) that has been distracting me all week from being "productive". Good golly, it's funny. I think my faves are the lists- you MUST, at the very least, check these out.

So here are some Valentines for you all, stolen with glee from McSweeny's. Enjoy! And with that, I'm off to watch Boogie Nights. I've been craving some P.T. Anderson FIERCELY for weeks, and I think Punch Drunk Love might just be a little too appropriate for the day...well actually now that I think about it, that is kinda sounding good too...shoot. Well it's gonna be something by P.T. Anderson, anyway, and my di-annual (is that a word? Does it mean every two years? Or did I totally make that up?) viewing of Magnolia has to wait until Dan is available...heh, anyway! Chili pie and movies, starting...nowski.


- - - -

Sweetheart, I've got you under my skin. I'll wash and wash, but you'll never come out.

- - - -

Roses are red, violets are blue. Sugar is sweet, and I think I left the iron on.

- - - -

I'm crazy for you! Get it?

- - - -

BE MINE. Wait. That has six letters. Six letters is so unlucky. It's like YOU DIE. That's exactly what it's like. Now you're going to die and it's all my fault.

- - - -

Honey, I'm hot for you! It's like a fever. Do you think it's viral meningitis? I bet it is. I touched the light switch and who knows what germs were on there. Then I thought about you, and infected you—it's a viral brain infection, so of course it's transmitted through brain waves, that makes perfect sense. We should probably just drive to the hospital right now.

- - - -

You're all I think about. Literally!

- - - -

You and me, sitting in a tree—oh, wait, that doesn't sound very safe, does it? Let's say we're sitting on a couch instead. Huh. I wonder who sat on this couch before us. Maybe we should put some plastic wrap down. Yeah, I think we'd better. Is this a new box of plastic wrap, or has it been opened for a while? Are you sure? OK. OK. Let's just say it's new and move on. So we're sitting on a couch, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Except that I kind of feel this tingle on my lip? Like I might be getting a cold sore? Maybe we should just forget the whole thing.

- - - -

It's hard to tell, what with all the SSRIs in my bloodstream, but I think I feel something for you.

- - - -

I'd touch you without gloves. If I could, I mean.

- - - -

I love you. Wait. That didn't feel right. Let me try it again. I love you. Don't think about disease. Don't think about disease. Don't think about disease. I love you. There.


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