Apr. 5th, 2006

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-Sort of co-opted from the end of Zlata's final monologue

So the show's over, people. Bosnia is over, Bosnia is a dream. Nothing more to see here.

It was so amazing, I really couldn't imagine a better ending to my time on the ISU stage. How wonderful to make people laugh and cry in one show. I loved how SHORT the play was...you never really had the time to get tired; our call time was actually longer than the performance itself, haha! And wow, I've never had so much fun in a dressing room before. Seven girls singing, laughing, telling TERRIBLE jokes, and BOOTY DANCING (especially in my Azra costume...the complete antithesis of sexy)...way too much fun, mate. Times like these will be sorely, sorely missed. It occurred to me that I will most likely never be in another show with all people my same age- what a wonderful bonding experience it is! The last show was so, so very sad. The first half of the final performance had a very weird vibe to it; I felt like it wasn't me delivering my lines. Then in the second half...things just PICKED UP and we did the best we've ever done. Kathleen said it was a completely different show. Everything was just so saturated with emotion as we realized it was the last time we'd ever become those women. I actually had to gulp down tears during my scene in the hole. Even typing about it right now makes my throat constrict a little.

Best Moment Ever: 15 seconds before Katy Morehouse and I were to go onstage for the final moments of the show, three of the LOUDEST THINGS EVER happened in perfect, seperate rhythm from each other. First, a little devil child downstairs in the costume shop started yelling, "HEY MOM YAYAYAYAYABABAHEYAHHAYAYA!!!!!!" We (accidently) shooed a crew person downstairs to shut the kid up, and a split second later some woman comes CLOMPING PACHYDERM-LIKE down the hall in high heels. GAH! So we were staring at each other with our mouths open just shaking our heads, AND THEN A TRAIN BLARES THROUGH!!!!!! I will never forget standing with our hands on our cheeks silently screaming in unison with Katy just seconds before I had to morph back into old, slow-moving Azra and hobble onstage. I thought that bit of comedy would kill my impulse to cry once I stepped down for the curtain call...but nay. There was lip biting, there were tears in my eyes. And when we all ran off to go downstairs and change, the rest of the girls were crying, too. Well what do you expect from an all-female cast? Plus it was mine and Lisa's last ISU shows *ever*... ::single tear:: ::two tears::

Other than that, we are at the Final Countdown 'Til I'm Forced Into Adulthood. I don't wanna go, kids. But if I stayed, all my best friends would be gone anyway, so it wouldn't be the same. We're all being birthed out together.

Something I don't like: I can really feel people beginning to pull away. I'm pretty positive that this has to do with the fact that we're gonna be ripped from each other in a month, and everyone is starting to build up their defenses now. I don't see Jeff as much anymore, and even Dan, my right-hand man since Day One, has been scarce despite the fact that I LIVE with the guy. I don't even know where Rj is 90% of the time. Katie is MIA most days. My only constant has been Maddie, and that's because we're not afraid of losing each other since we'll be like a 25 minute drive apart even after college ends. Even my love life has been a series of hello's and goodbye's. I meet a guy, things are kinda cozy for a few weeks, then things drop off and I find another one. Not that I wanted a boyfriend this semester (I just don't see the point so close to leaving), and it's not necessarily bad, it's just different than any way I've ever governed that part of my life before.

Haha enough of being depressing! This truly has been an *AMAZING* semester, the roller coaster I was hopefully anticipating all year. First of all, do you guys know how awesome Lost is? I bet most of you do. Well everyone in my apartment finally started watching it the night we got back from Vegas, and we ended up blowing through the first season and half of the second season in 2 weeks. Not shabby, and just a little pathetic of us. We also like to think our living room is now Lost-themed instead of just Hawaiian :-)

I got a haircut the other day. Dan says I look Icelandic now. I kinda like it, but I have GOT to remember to stop having them razor it all off in the back, no wonder I'm always having volume problems. Damn I'm stupid when it comes to haircuts.

Maddie got me Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical on DVD as one of my birthday presents. I think that it's officially in my Top 20 Most Watchable Movies list. I don't get sick of it.

I don't even know what homework IS anymore.

Doesn't matter.

I'm making it all count.

Now excuse me, it's Spring and I have to change my avatar's clothes.


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