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Today was a weird one. Two articles of news:

1.) I had a marathon text session with a Q101 DJ (Electra, to you Chicagoans!) today that spanned several hours. According to several friends who read the transcript, the content was somewhat flirtatious in nature, and while I do not believe it was my initial intention to flirt with Electra, it made me think about the way we interact with people whose attention we it always a form of flirting? No matter the sexual preference? Admittedly I was totally turning on the charm (it's easy to cater to someone whose personality and likes/dislikes are broadcast daily...particularly because we share so many), but was it flirting, per se? I just think we'd be awesome friends if we ever met in real life is all. Or maybe I just have been feeling REALLY lonely and since I listen to her voice for 5 hours every day, I have come to see her as one of my best friends, though not she knows it. Is that sad?

2.) I found out Maddie is moving to LA in 6 months. Which kind of destroys the peace I have made with living my life in Chicago and is forcing me to re-evaluate once again what I want to do with myself. There is a bandwagon to jump on, and it's coming for me if I let it...
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So I will write an awesome massive Japan entry later, but for now... Caitlin and I were on a train to Okaga tonight to connect to an overnight train to Tokyo. Our train was late, and there were no trains to Tokyo left. This was at about midnight, by the way. So...holy shit. We do not particularly want to sleep outside. What are two gaijins (foreigners) to do? We were ushered onto a train to Nagoya. A toothless old man tried to kiss my hand, and it was creepy as hell. We arrived at the station trying to figure out our next move when a lovely Japanese mother appeared out of nowhere and asked Caitlin (who speaks a fair amount of Japanese) what was wrong. She explained the situation as best she could, and the lady proceeded to talk to the ticket booth man and explain our situation further. Then she called her daughter, who met up with us a few minutes later, and she spoke English! YES. Edi (the daughter) made sure our tickets would be valid for tomorrow, then took us to a police station to find a place for us to chill for the night (this was AFTER they offered to let us stay at their place, which is TOO nice and we felt it was best to stay near the train so we could catch the first one out). So we were directed to a nearby 24-hour internet cafe... And here I am. It is now 3 AM, and I am in a cute little cubicle that I have rented for 5 hours. I have a TV and computer and comfy office chair, and as many free drinks as I can consume. So what could have ended up as a freaking horrible night out on the streets of Nagoya turned into a very cozy adventure that could not have happened without 2 beautiful Japanese guardian angels. Who then came back to the cafe 20 minutes later AND BROUGHT BOTH CAITLIN AND I HOT MEALS, PRINGLES, AND CHOCOLATE. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Who DOES that?!?!?!? I am at a total loss for words. I cannot believe the kindness we were shown tonight. Sometimes strangers can really knock your socks off. My faith in humanity is restored. Bless you, bless you, Edi and Edi`s mom. For now, I*m taking a nap.
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Sooooooo Livejournal, fancy meeting you here...this is...quite a surprise, haha. ::Clears throat:: How've you been?

Okay, so here's the deal: I'm going to Japan on Tuesday for a bit less than 2 weeks.

Tell me anything and everything you know/want me to see in Japan.

Or anything good to know about traveling outside the US, since the last time I did it I was in diapers.


For your reward, I will post pictures of my amazing new Chicago apartment. :-)
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Remember when I was all "I'm gonna get back into updating my journal!" and then I didn't touch it again for a month? Ho ho ho, oh Donnelle, you are quite the kidder!

Here's what's up.

~Our very own Chicago RSO won Office of the Year for 2006! YAY US! And it was Chicago's FIRST-ever win out of the 20 or so offices around the country, so I like to think my climbing aboard had a little something to do with that. ::Buffs nails on shirt and blows on them::

What the hell is that gesture? I know it's supposed to exhibit pride, a certain sense of, "Yeeeahhh that was all me". How?! And who invented it?? AND WHO WEARS A SHIRT THAT'S ABRASIVE ENOUGH TO BUFF HUMAN FINGERNAILS?!?!

~Hey! Did you guys hear the Chicago Bears are going to the Superbowl??!?! It's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though I am so excited I pee a bit everytime I think about it. And I didn't just jump on at the end during the playoffs like I normally would. Nope. This time...I actually watched ALMOST EVERY SINGLE GAME! YES! AT LEAST 12 OR 13 OF THEM! I got into football. And I never thought I'd say that. Thanks, Willio, for making me surprise myself :-). And it could not be a more exciting time to be a Chicagoan.

~The Sarah Silverman Program is hysterical. Holy crap.

Hey there, February.


Jan. 1st, 2007 11:28 pm
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2006, you've brought me such thrill,
With Vegas, my new job, and my darling Will,
I know this year will be a piece of Heaven,
if life's just as good in 2007!

So let's see if I get back into this LJ thang, shall we? I do miss keeping a record. I don't exactly know why I stopped. Oh, probably because after staring at my work computer for 8 hours straight, I preeeetty much lose all interest in staring at another computer screen. Ah well. I *did* get this REALLY EFFING SWEET LAPTOP for Christmas (which I SO do not deserve since I'm not in college anymore plus I was told this Christmas would be "a bit less gift-heavy" since I'm making my own way now, which I totally understand and agree with...but geeeez louise, a LAPTOP?! With a cd and dvd burner and 160 gigs and the biggest widescreen monitor I've ever seeeeen? Oh man. I am too, too blessed. Love you, mom and dad!!!) Anyway, this might inspire me to write more again.

I also got booze and clothes. :-)

Time for bed. 2007 is the Chinese Year of the Boar, by the it's my year. Should be a good one!

So if January marks the start,
and February plays its part,
We'll only have to wait until March
to know it's gonna be a good year...

-Treaty of Paris
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So as you may or may not know, I listen to Eric and Kathy on Mix 101.9 every morning. I've been a fan of theirs for nearly 10 years now, and I'm happy to have a job where I can listen to their show every day in my little cubicle.

James Blunt is performing in their studio Monday morning, so they've
done a couple of little contests based around that. Yesterday they
were joking about how James Blunt songs make women cry, so they had people
call in and do their best fake crying to win tickets to his Monday
night concert plus the invitation to see him perform in the studio live that

This morning they were talking about how men can be very un-romantic
sometimes (Sweetest Day is tomorrow, that's how it came up), so they
asked "Ladies, what is the most non-romantic gift you've ever received
from a husband/boyfriend?" I wasn't even paying attention to what the prize was. I heard that line, and I was like A;DKLFJA;SLDKFJAS;DLFKJ I AM GONNA WIN THIS. So I called in, and I waited and waited as it rang, and then a lady picked up and asked me what it was.

I told her the story about how two Valentine's Days ago, I made a
really nice candlelit chocolate chip pancake dinner (one of his favorite foods) for Rj on my one day off that week when I was doing 24 hours of Morning Star rehearsal, 10 hours of work, and 15 hours of class...and he gave me a toilet brush.

Yeah, so the phone-answering lady was like "And why did he give you a
toilet brush?" and I said, "Because he thought it was FUNNY." And she said "Wow...okay hold on!" So then I heard the show coming over the phone and I was like "OMG THEY'RE GONNA PUT ME ON!!!" I was FREAKING out, and I wanted to run back into the office and tell everyone to put on their radios, but I didn't know when I'd be on and I didn't want to miss what they were saying. I did see one of our reps in the hall, and I told him to put it on, but he ended up not being able to tune into the station correctly, oh well.

So like 5 or 6 women came on the air and told them about the gifts they got (tackle box, glow-in-the-dark clock, etc.), and then Eric said,
"You want romance, Donnelle, you got romance" So I said, "Yeah, I made my boyfriend a really nice, like, candlelit meal, his favorite food, chocolate chip pancakes..." And when I said "...And he got me a toilet brush," they were all like, "WHAAAAAAAAAT??" They said, "Why did he get you a toilet brush?!" And I said, "He thought it was funny!!!" And all three of them kept saying, "Whaaaaat? A toilet brush?? Cuz it's funny! A toilet brush!! Whaaaaat?! It's funny!" I could BARELY hear them over the phone, the connection was bad, so I think things were a little jumbled, it was crazy! I was SHAKING cuz I was so excited, wow!!! THOUSANDS of people listen to that show!!! I think it's the most popular morning show in Chicago, actually. Anyway, then Eric said, "Okay, now we vote on who got the worst present!" Kathy said, "I'm gonna have to go with toilet brush!" Melissa said, "Toilet brush!" and Eric said "And by a clean sweep with three votes...Toilet brush wins!" It was SO awesome!!!

So they invited me to come to the studio Monday to see James Blunt perform live, and then I get tickets to his concert for that night, plus I'm entered in a contest to win a drawing for a trip to BEVERLY HILLS where I'd
see James Blunt AGAIN (I don't know if I need to see James Blunt three times, but a free trip to Beverly Hills would be INSANE), so EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I
said,"That's awesome! I deserve it!!" and they laughed and said I totally did. I don't know a lot of his music, but I do like what I've heard.

And my mom called and left me a message ("I HEARD YOU ON THE
AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") And they played the clip again as a highlight
from the show an hour and a half later, and I got to hear it, and I didn't even sound nervous (although in real life I was shaking, blushing, and sweating knowing I was on the air), so that's good!! I'm so happy I got to hear it.

And I'm even happier to learn that it was actually made into the Daily Dose of Eric and Kathy on their website!!! Go to and listen to it while it's temporarily up!!! I got to download it and save it to my iTunes to cherish forever and ever :-) I wish they had the whole clip of me talking (that's just a lil' piece of it) and especially of me winning, but this is entirely awesome by itself! Heh, in the actual clip that aired post-show, they cranked up "You're Beautiful" right after I said "He gave me a toilet brush", it was HILARIOUS. "He gave me a toilet brush! 'YOU'RE BEAUTI-FU-UL! YOU'RE BEAUTI-FU-UL! YOU'RE BEAUTI-FUL, IT'S TRUE!" LOL, oh insanity.

So that's the story of how the worst Valentine's Day of my life turned into one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. :-D
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Your living was so easy to do. (Rolling Stones? Anyone?)

I start my very first grown-up job tomorrow at Reliance Standard Life Insurance. My first full-time job, yessir. I'm...nervous, because never have I EVER worked an 8/9 hour shift (yeah, it goes from 8-5 if you want your entire lunch hour, which I'm kind of grrrr about...I'd so rather work from 9-5 or even 9-6 to be honest, 8 AM sounds so gross). I'm afraid my brain will completely die after like 6 hours. But here's hoping that it's not a horribly difficult job, or a completely boring one. I'd like not-so-boring and very busy. That sounds great to me.

Ahhhhh haha okay, waking up in six-and-a-half hours...

...and then I find out what this "real world" is all about.
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So I was browsing some message boards on a music site, and found this regarding Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" (which is an amazing song and it's about to be HUGE, by the way):

"lvin dis sng it gt me dncin wiv sm1 hu i ddnt no b4 n endd up getin of wiv em wd u lyk 2 b him? bet u wd c y'all l8r beasts XoX"

...Wow. I weep for our youth.

And here's one more that just makes one say...oh, I dunno..."WHAT?!?!"

"wen my dad started to sing this song i was really shocked, because i thort the lyrics where quite crude and bad. bUt then after my dad got killed i decided to listen to the song in dedication to him because he likes it very much, and now i love it, and im become a man eater and i make men spend heaps of money on me which is quite fun because iv become quite the rich girl now and everyone wants to be me. RIP i love u junkhum"
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Yeah. It's pretty sweet. :-D Click!!!

Also, for any of you Radiohead fans out there, I highly suggest checking out the Easystar All-Stars. They made a reggae cover album of Radiohead's OK Computer. It's called Radiodread, HA! And their version of "Let Down" is, in my opinion, even better than the original. And definitely listen to "Karma Police". Actually, get the whole damn thing.

But seriously now, that video...THAT was inspired.
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I'm going on my solo Central IL tour tomorrow through Saturday or Sunday. I will be visiting Normal, Arthur, and Seneca.

This past week and a half was effing **awesome** and non-stop, and I haven't written about any of it yet cuz I suck, so here's the teaser trailer! (AKA this is a list for me so I remember to write about these things):

~Saturday = Crane Boys Lunch/Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind

~Tuesday = Taste of Chicago Fourth of July

~Wednesday = The Return of Double Featre Night with Steve

~Thursday = Lamplighters

~Friday = Pool party/Drewbu's surprise party/Hunter's/Denny's

~Saturday = Pirates II

~Sunday = Michael James Novak II Adventure Day

~Monday = Meeting Aiden, Snickers, and my cousin's "dollhouse"

...Wow, even writing those little notes made me think HOLY SHIT I love my life. I am one lucky punk. What a wonderful way to end my "summer" before getting a job (which I SWEAR I am getting after my roadtrip, I SWEAR).

Also, you should always tell people you love that you love them, because once you're far away, it' know, it's different or whatever. I've always been a firm believer in letting people know how I feel about them (probably stems from my fear of death), but a friend of mine has finally joined me in that mindset, and I'm really touched and proud of him. And if you're reading this, "friend"...thank you for your honesty and love. Even though you're gone, I still think about you every day, and that's not going to change anytime soon, and probably not ever as long as you keep me as entwined in your life as well. You mean the world to me. :-)
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Okay, I know everyone and their mom already knows or loves Imogen Heap, but I just heard "Hide and Seek" for the first time ***EVER*** last night, and I can't remember the last time I was SO TOTALLY OBSESSED with one song. I'm not even a huge Imogen or Frou Frou fan; I like some stuff, but some of it is like, "Alright, that's enough of that" for me. But "Hide and Seek" just stands SO far out for me. I listened to it like 10 times in a row last night, and many more times's brain melts. All those shifting key changes...the dynamics...the layering and the's a perfect, perfect song. I like how Will put it, "It's like it's breathing for you."

Yeah, if for some reason like me you've been under a rock for a year...GET IT.
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Quickie update!

Tuesday night - Nellie's, as per usual. This time it was "Everybody's Birthday" (really it was only Leslie's, Marc's, Teresa's, and Drew's, but we all got to wear tiaras). I sang the Gin Blossoms' "'Til I Hear It From You", which was one of the very first songs I remember consciously loving in 6th grade. I also jumped up for "If I Could Turn Back Time" with Les and Drew, and Evan and I finished the night with "Salvation" by The Cranberries (if you are familiar with this song, then you know how hilariously good (?) we sounded). Appearances were also made by Maddie and her cool co-worker Dorothy, Jared, Erica, Nick Mik, Natalie Harden, and the elusive Mike Noens, who showed up for all of 3 minutes and left without saying goodbye to anybody. Hmph. But all was well because I totally won tickets to see Tiffany live in concert (what? YES.) when I correctly answered the trivia question, "What movie did Tiffany do a voiceover for?" (the answer is Judy Jetson in The Jetsons Movie). Also, Nellie's regulars kept coming up to me and telling me what a lucky girl I am to have Will, which made me smile a lot (it was our first time out as an "official" couple, so it was kinda the news of the night) :-)

Speaking of Will, IIIIIIIIII am a very happy girl. I never felt like we really got to know each other all those months I was away at school, and now that I'm home, every moment of facetime we have together is very rewarding. I've definitely gotten him to be more outspoken, that's for sure. :-) Also, there is very little on this earth funnier than the painfully random shit your brain spits out when you're fighting against sleep (see below).

Last night - The freakin' Tiffany concert! Before her set, Jeff Timmons (a washed-up member of 98 Degrees) performed, and let me tell you, it was painful. He sang along with the 98 Degrees CD and kept making these sad little comments like, "Okay I bet y'all wanna see Tiffany now!...but I'm gonna sing one more song!" I mean this was happening over and over, it was just embarrassing for everybody. But Drew kept me entertained by consistently referring to him as Tim Simmons. Tiffany herself was actually pretty awesome. She has definitely gained some post-fame pudge around the midsection, but her vocals were still healthy. She started out with these two **AWESOME** dance songs, I definitely need to find them. And, of course, she ended with, "I Think We're Alone Now", which pretty much made the night. Seriously though, how sad is it to be famous for a one-hit wonder that's actually a COVER? Yeah, it was A Concert of Patheticness, but it was fun all the same.

Tonight - Took my daddy to see Superman Returns. I've gotta say, we were both a bit disappointed. It was just extremely slow paced and it just kinda seemed like...I dunno, like nothing really *happened*. Does anyone else agree? Really, I felt let down. Maybe I was hoping for too much, but it just was not on par with Spider-Man or X-Men. Two stars. But it was really nice being out with just my dad. I honestly don't think we've ever done that least not since I was like 7. And I didn't feel frustrated with him at all, and we actually *TALKED* about things (like why hot girls date ugly guys...Dad's answer: Because ugly guys treat them better, and he cites my mom as an example, awwww :-) ). It was a really great night. I really do love my dad, I'm so glad things aren't strained between us anymore.

And finally, I'm ready for the fun of the 4th!!! Bring on Fireworks and The Taste!!!

Quotant Quotables:

"I can turn into almost a thousand bats. I can fill up a cave with me."
-Will on being a vampire

"Well that's very flattering to us marshmallow makers."
-Yes, I said this in my sleep. WHY?!?!?

"I don't even *know* how to get an Asian laid."
-Good ol' semi-racist Jeffrey on trying to school his roommate in the ways of seduction

Me: All of my roommates loved you.
Evan: Yeah, all of your roommates did love me, except I don't think I was ever formally introduced to Tracy.
Me: His name is Shannon.
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Almost didn't go out tonight due to persistant sore throat/last night's totally random vomitfest/general sickness. Thought maybe I should just stay home and relax for the night so as not to aggravate condition prior to the eve of my graduation party.

So totally, unbelievably glad I didn't.

~Drove with Isabelle and Kristyn to Club Neo, and scored THE MOST AMAZING PARKING SPOT ***EVER*** (literally one storefront away from the club, right on the main street, and parallel parking was totally easy)

~Listened to my amazing collection of dance music all the way there (Shout outs to Jeff!)

~Met up with Teresa, Drewgirl, and Caitlin

~Danced in dark, underground-y punk 80's establishment to TOTALLY WEIRD music, the highlight of which was a song called "Free Nelson Mandela." Also, had total Dane Cook moment with six girls dancing around purses in the middle of the floor. Isabelle also discovered apartheid between Caitlin and I, so we bridged the color gap, despite both being white.

~Invented "The Public Bathroom Dance" with Teresa and the desire to re-incarcerate Nelson Mandela so that we might bring back "Free Nelson Mandela" as a hit song again.

~Made amazingly complex hypothetical double/triple/quadruple date between me, Drew, Teresa, and Kristyn, wherein "Karasch will build a stage, Jaime will make us all horchata, and the Jewish boys will sing"

~Hypothetical double date manifested itself into a soon-to-be-very-real date with the cunning use of text messaging Read more... )

~Getting ever-so-slightly lost in Chicago, kicking Drew and Teresa out at The Wiener's Circle for talking too loudly

~Finding our way to Oak Park for this alleged burrito joint, only to find said burrito joint had closed, so instead we ate at...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



~Colin joined us, and we all invented new Avocado-awareness slogan, "Hav-a-cado!"

~Got back home at 5 AM.

~Very likely that this will be last time I get to see this exact group of girls together...maybe forever, who knows. People are leaving very soon, and this was definitely a night to remember.



Jun. 14th, 2006 05:15 am
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Now THAT is what I call a NIGHT.

It's 5:16 in the morning.
nelbel: (Default) starts.

Tomorrow is for real.

Three hours of crying, getting it out, letting it go, let it go, let it all go, you used to be my Ro-me-o, goddang I love the Basement Jaxx. And I love finding "new" (aka music you downloaded months/years ago and forgot you had) on my iPod. Tomorrow I throw myself into summer, I throw myself into a real attempt at adulthood, I will not put my life on hold out of fear or love.

I wrote this paragraph in December 2003...I still think it's one of the most personally inspirational things I've ever written.

Okay, yes, so 1.) Drop a class, 2.) Audition more!!!, 3.) THINK about asking parents if I can quit the job...but I really do like having that extra money independent of them. But I know my dad would let me quit if he knew how stressed out it was making me on top of school, cuz he knows grades come first :-), 4.) Just get the fuck out and DO things. Drag people kicking and screaming. We're going to go dance in protest in front of the closed Rocky's. I'm going to clean this place up a little more and ask people to hang out in MY room for once. I'm going to go visit Dan at his house. I'm going to put up more lights in my room cuz I'm tired of the darkness. I'm going to have someone fix the damn airconditioner finally. I'm going to be fun and beautiful and REAL and I'm going to hope someone adheres to that and I won't have to be fake and I won't have to settle for people that don't impress me either and I'm going to be talented and I'm going to win you all over and I'm going to make you love me and want to be with me and think about me when I'm not there and I'm going to have things to say and feelings to bare and stories to share and I'm going to LAUGH until my sides feel like they're carved out of wood.

And I'm going to try.
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Or...Aiden? I have no idea, you're so new I don't even know how to spell your name yet!

Anyway, Elizabeth (my cousin, who is my age) had her baby boy today. They chose to induce the pregnancy today as opposed to yesterday, cuz she didn't want her baby having a 6-6-06 birthday. But dang, if for some reason I was pregnant and could have my baby that day, I totally would! AND I'd name him Damien. And whenever he'd be mouthing off to me or setting fire to my draperies or something, I'd just chalk it up to him being the Antichrist and be done with it.

But yay new lil' baby!
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Last night, Jeff, Dan, and I completed our full-circle of hanging out in our Power Trio by re-enacting one of our first activities together. That's right, we watched A Goofy Movie.

Here's what we looked like last night:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

...And here's what we looked like as freshmen:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Yeah, I'm a little choked up, as I have been all week. Such sweet sorrow this time brings.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love you two more than words can possibly say.
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Just got back from a lovely evening with Marc, Mike Mes, and special guests Nick Mik and Justin. And some generously shared pizza rolls.

What is significant about this post is we watched Mirrormask.


Mirrormask. Is. The most. Gorgeous. Movie. I have. Ever. Seen.


I remember reading a little blurb about it in EW and seeing it got an A, and I wanted to see it, but then I forgot it existed. *WOW*. Produced by The Jim Henson Company, written by Neil Gaiman, directed and designed by Dave McKean...hi what is there NOT TO LOVE?!?! The whole movie is just a perpetual EYEGASM. The story is very simple and pretty much runs along the same trail as any fantasy-world movie where the little girl or little boy has to get from one end to the other to save this or that, but BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH THE VISUALS. Ohhhhhh the visuals. I wasn't familiar with McKean before this, and if you aren't either...basically his art is reminiscent of Dali mixed with Jan Svankmajer, Tim Burton, and Magritte. Thus, MULTIPLE EYEGASMS. And it's not just the CGI and stuff, even the CINEMATOGRAPHY...And the **MUSIC**...

There was one scene in particular that Marc and I kinda watched 6 times. So beautiful and so haunting.

That would have been my favorite movie ever if I saw it when I was little, although I don't even really think it's meant for little kids (although Gaiman and McKean have collaborated on children's books of which Justin read to us after the movie, yay!!!). It's just soooooooOOOOOOOOoooo...yeah words are failing me right now, so what else is new. If you like Labyrinth or The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland or The Neverending Story or anything like those...or even if you just like to look at stuff that makes you feel like you're tripping BALLS...see it, fools.

Quotant Quotables:

"You know what they say...if the wolves come out of the walls, it's all over."
-The Wolves in the Walls, which is the book Justin read to us. Apparently he had to read it- by request- to his mom's 4th grade class something like FOUR TIMES. :-)

Me: If you had a pet sphinx, what would you name it?
Marc: If I had a pet sphinx, I would name it fluffy.
Me: If I had a pet sphinx, I would name it Venetian Blinds. That's a common name for pet sphinxes...sphinxes? Is that the plural? Sphinxen? Sphinxi?
Marc and Me: ...SPHINCTERS?!
Marc: Well I would name mine Fluffy, and I'd sic him on the jerk who names his sphinx Riddles.
Me: That's MISTER Riddles.
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stillwaterashe: if you happen to have 3 minutes and 28 seconds available and want to see what two of your super cool amazing ex-boyfriends created.... swing by and BE AMAZED! hehe

Those kids have come SO FREAKIN' FAR. I remember shooting A Perfect Crime in 1999 in Mike's garage with a handheld videocamera and a set that consisted of boxes (in all fairness, it really did look like a warehouse...just a mini warehouse)...and now look. Real locales. Great sound. And a;lsdkfja;dlkfaj;sldkg THAT CAMERA. WOAH. Woah. WOOOOOAAAH!

The premiere is Saturday, May 13 from 8-10 PM at Cutting Hall in Palatine. I don't actually know what day I graduate, so I'll either be there or not be there (truly, there weren't many other options).

And yeeeaaahh dating me pretty much justifies people as being talented: We don't if you're not. ;-)
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