Feb. 22nd, 2006

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So last night we had our first stumble-through of Necessary Targets. I was not aware, however, that we were going to have five shadowers AND the 4 or 5 design people watching it. Oh man. I was actually nervous.

But it could not have gone better. Even in its very roughest form, this is turning out to be a really beautiful show. Also, it's only like an hour and 20 minutes long at most, which is RIDICULOUS. My dad will love that.

I felt really good about my work yesterday. I'm really starting to get a handle on Azra, and I know tonight's movement rehearsal will really cement that for me (as they always tend to do). I even got a HUGE laugh last night; it just seemed like it went on and on. It made me feel so good that I almost started smiling and breaking character. Unfortunately it was on a line that I kinda added, so it'll probably be cut from the final show. *Sigh*.

And the other girls in the cast...hooooo boy. I had never before seen the dramatic bits that Lisa and Rachel do. So I had to see them during the stumble-through with everyone else...and WOAH. WOAH. I CRIED. Getting me to cry during movies or plays is tough business, ESPECIALLY when I'm onstage and trying not to break, so that's just how good they are, folks. I defy you not to at least tear up when you see the show. Bring Kleenex.

After the run, one of the shadowers asked Kathleen if she could say something to the cast. "You guys were amazing, four of you made me cry! It was SO much better seeing it live than reading it, I cannot WAIT to see the show now!"

Wow, we could not have received a better compliment. I love hearing good feedback from other theatre folks, but when we actually manage to touch one of the non-theatre kids...that's a special kind of victory.


Quotant Quotables:

"Oh fuck a bitch! Let's do that!"
-One of Kathleen's many directing expletives

"Hi Mommy, it's morning! And my baby's dead!"

Donnelle: Shana! Do you know about the salad party?
Shana (smiles knowingly): Oh yes, this is a joke.
Donnelle: Wha? No, it's not, there really is going to be a salad party.
Shana: Oh! I thought I was supposed to say something like, "I don't know, it's a toss-up whether I'm going or not."

Ba-dump CHING!


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